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Research EJECE 2024 - From Waste to Resource: How Standardized Health Metrics Can Accelerate the Circular Economy in Storage Media July 19, 2024
Research JRC report on energy consumption in data centres and broadband communication networks in the EU 2023 March 1, 2024
Research ICGEST 2023 - Limitations of linear GHG Protocol carbon reporting in achieving circular progress Jan. 24, 2024
Research IEEE 2023 - Is Hot IT a False Economy? An Analysis of Server and Data CenterEnergy Efficiency as Temperatures Rise Nov. 24, 2023
Research ICAC2023 - Maximising Server IT Energy Efficiency through optimal Hardware and Software configuration Oct. 16, 2023
Case study Fintech Circular IT Strategy Sept. 19, 2023
Information Interact Global Goals June 19, 2023
Information Grading Information Flyer March 28, 2023
Research IEEE Explore - Balancing power and performance March 28, 2023
Information Interact One Page Flyer March 28, 2023
Information Interact Brochure 2022 Nov. 2, 2022
Information Interact FAQ March 18, 2022
Information Delivering Low Carbon, Sustainable Data Centre Hardware Analysis Feb. 14, 2022
Research Elsevier 2021 - Interact: IT infrastructure energy and cost analyzer tool for data centers Feb. 14, 2022
Research IEEE 2022 - Optimizing server refresh cycles: The case for circular economy with an aging Moore’s Law Feb. 14, 2022
Case study Interact for Healthcare Feb. 14, 2022
Case study Optimising International Data Centres Feb. 14, 2022
Information Interact: Your One Stop Shop for Server Energy Optimisation Feb. 14, 2022
Case study Unique European Research Project Uses Interact's Energy Efficiency Metrics and Cost Projections Feb. 14, 2022