Our server energy efficiency solution

Our award-winning software provides analysis on the efficiency and effectiveness of your hardware based on server configuration.

Global challenge

• Globally, data transmission networks consumed 260-340 TWh in 2021, or 1.1-1.4% of global electricity use.

• IT is responsible for 65% of the energy draw of a data centre on average.

• The average rack server contains over a metric tonne of embodied carbon (Scope 3 emissions).

global challenge

Historically, there has been no way to measure this impact and demonstrate improvement on a case by case basis…

Our Solution

Stage 1

Our world-first, research-led machine-learning software analyses the efficiency of your server estate by grading your servers from A+ to F.

Stage 2

We create an environmental snapshot of your server estate based on our multiple award-winning machine-learning software.

Stage 3

Our consultancy recommends digital transformation projects to save you energy, carbon and cost, and to manage ESG risk.

Stage 4

Our team of experts provide ongoing analysis, training and projects to help with decarbonisation and ESG risk management.

our solution

Thanks to the team at Interact, and the granular level of their reporting, we are able to make informed decisions on the most efficient configurations for our servers, significantly reducing our energy costs.

Paul Deans

Head of the Research Platform, BT

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