Helping data centres increase energy efficiency, decrease costs and reduce the environmental impact of their IT hardware.

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Clean and non-intrusive tool, gives you everything you need to assess your server infrastructure!

The INTERACT tool conducts component and rack level analysis to recommend vendor neutral new and remanufactured solutions for your hardware. Its detailed reporting provides optimum solutions for cost, energy reduction and carbon savings.



Interact is a standalone web tool that automatically models your infrastructure based on your configuration, without the need for hardware or software installations within your data centre.


User friendly

The tool has an intuitive interface that allows users to easily manage their configuration and get instant recommendations.



Energy modelling and cost analysis are based on scientific equations, peer-reviewed and published in an IEEE paper.



Authorised users of each account have access to their unique encrypted portal.

How it Started

Interact was developed through a partnership between University of East London and Techbuyer, a global specialist in sustainable IT. The two organisations carried out a two year research project to develop the tool. Academic leadership was provided by Dr. Rabih Bashroush, a world expert on energy usage in the digital sector.


Groundbreaking research

The project generated a groundbreaking IEEE paper and scientifically demonstrated that refurbished equipment can out-perform new if correctly configured. With Techbuyer research ongoing into the precise material content and carbon cost of server manufacture, the tool will be able to provide definitive information about this soon.

Presenting at leading industry events

Experts in the related fields of development and research, business and the circular economy. The Interact team has talked extensively about the background research and its importance to the sector at a number of industry events including Data Centre World Frankfurt, the International Reman Festival, Data Centres Ireland and Data Centre World London.


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