Our Sustainability Strategy

Committed to sustainability inside and out.

At the heart of Interact is our commitment to protect the environment by reducing energy and material waste in data centres.

We aim to be transparent about our own emissions. Please read about our sustainability credentials below.

Sustainability Credentials

B corp

B Corp

Interact has been awarded B Corp status for its commitment to social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

B Corps are companies verified by the certification body B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Certification is executed through a rigorous on-going review process.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

4 stars for Global Goals

Interact has 4 stars for its work to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Goals are a plan to end poverty, extreme inequality, and climate change by 2030. Stars are awarded when businesses publicly demonstrate plans, commitments, actions and progress towards the SDGs.

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Yorkshire & Humber Climate Action Pledge

Action Pledge, of which they are a signatory. The Climate Action Pledge is a commitment to taking action on climate and nature. Businesses and organisations that declare that they have a plan in place for at least one of these areas are categorised as Achievers.

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