Server Energy-Efficiency Grading

Our transparent grading scale to categorise the energy efficiency for any server configuration of any make, model or generation.

Helping you make informed decisions on the most efficient configurations for your servers, saving you energy, carbon and cost.

How Our Grading Works

  • You provide five pieces of information (Make, Server Model, number of CPUs, CPU Model, and total RAM) for each configuration.

    No restricted or personal information and no agent or software required.

  • We return a grading report (A+ to F) classifying their server estate from the most energy efficient to the least for each server.

  • Direct integration is also available straight into your DCIM, CMDB or ITAM software.

server grading

Identify projects to save Energy, Carbon and Cost

Using Interact’s grading scale, you can easily identify those servers which need attention:

low performers, high energy users, suboptimal configurations and candidates for upgrade / reconfiguration.

Drive projects and provide a business case for:

  • The most beneficial decommissioning, consolidation and upgrade strategies.

  • Identifying servers for product life extension – reducing annualised scope 3 emissions and reducing total cost of ownership for those assets.

  • Planning a new data centre build, based on the most efficient servers for your business.

  • For larger digital transformation projects, please contact Interact for consultancy packages.

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