Experts in the field

We have an industry-recognised team of specialists at Interact. This enables us to use our award-winning tool to deliver optimum benefits that support operational improvements, hardware performance, sustainability reporting and strategy and cost management. This is supported with ongoing benchmark research and in-house sustainability professional development. Our team more than any other in the world understands the effect of server build and operational considerations on hardware performance.


The Interact team was formed during a two-year research project. We continue to build on this heritage with ongoing benchmark analysis on the effect of environment on server performance at our dedicated testing facility. Energy efficiency on make, model and generation is publicly available. Our ongoing works provides exclusive analysis of the effect of component level upgrades, temperature and operating systems.



The Interact team has a combined experience of decades in the fields of hardware provision and correct configuration, IT Asset Management, IT Asset Disposition, product life extension and the secondary market. We draw upon this and our expertise in sustainability reporting and framework management to deliver the following services in-house and with partner organisations:

Hardware Consolidation Hardware Consolidation
Cloud Migration Cloud Migration
Server Analysis Server Analysis
Carbon Reporting Scope 2 and Scope 3 Carbon Reporting
ITAD and Decommissioning ITAD and Decommissioning


Members of the team have delivered training on product life extension, lifecycle analysis and costing and information security to organisations large and small across Europe. We also have the ability to provide IEMA accredited sustainability training from beginner up to board level.


Who we work with

Cloud providers

We work with major public cloud providers to articulate the cost and energy usage differential between on premise data centres and the cloud environment for companies considering making the move.

Hardware manufacturers

ESG reporting and performance are key concerns for organisations large and small. We partner equipment manufacturers to deliver this with accurate analysis of enterprise server estates within customers’ data centres.

Publicly funded research projects

We have been full partners of the CEDaCI project since 2020 and are the representatives for Ireland on the Interreg West European Research project. Our contribution has been to provide training to SMEs on increasing circularity of data centre assets alongside performance and energy benchmarking analysis to feed the circularity compass.

CEDaCI case study

Partner Organisations

Data Centre Alliance Sustainability Special Interest Group
Data Centre Alliance Sustainability Special Interest Group

Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance
Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance