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OCP Lisbon 2024 roundup and Interact Keynote

Rich Kenny | April 26, 2024

OCP Lisbon 2024 roundup and Interact Keynote

The OCP (Open Compute Project) Regional summit took place in Lisbon in April this year (2024).

In brief, the OCP regional summit is where the OCP community including the likes of Google, Meta, Intel, Microsoft and ARM get together to discuss technical and business leadership challanges and work together to try and combat rising concerns in the data centre sector.

The key focus this year was on sustainability, heat re-use and AI. Hyperscale operators shared their innovations and showcase developments that the comunity work together to open source and release for the benefit of the entire data centre comunity. It's also where highly innovative technology and research is presented and debated to provide potential solutions to the challanges above.

We presented our research into the impact of heat and geography on IT efficiency at the summit in Prague in 2023 and were subsequently asked to join the Future Technology Initiative steering committe alongside Lenovo, Uber and Lawrence Barkley Labs.

This was the busiest summit in Europe for the last 12 years with over 700 delegates coming together for 2 days of technical discussion, networking and collaboration.

Keynotes included:

  • Open hardware innovation - presented by Microsoft

  • AI for all - presented by Meta

  • Bringing AI everywhere - presented by Intel

  • Cloud environmental impact - presented by OVH

  • Panel on European sustainability directives - Including OVH, iMasons and Interact

This was our first Keynote for OCP and was attended by over 500 delegates, feedback has been excellent and our knowledge on the contribution and requirements from the IT part of the data centre is unique in these discussions.