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Interact Launch Reaches Industry, Business and Local News

Astrid Wynne | Jan. 14, 2021

Interact Launch Reaches Industry, Business and Local News

Interact is a unique software tool that enables data centre managers to limit CO2 emissions, reduce their carbon footprint, and generate cost savings. The tool produces innovative, scientific and cost-effective recommendations for businesses across the UK. The Interact team was proud to officially launch the business earlier this month.

The news was picked up by the following publications:

The Data Centre Alliance (DCA), a trade association which brings together data centre experts and leaders. Astrid Wynne, Head of Partnerships at Interact and Sustainability Lead at Techbuyer, chairs the Sustainability Special Interest Group at the DCA.

Data Centre & Network News, sharing the latest UK news in the sector from machine learning to data protection.

Thomas Net, a US based organisation that delivers supplier information and shares business and industry insights. Their series examining how remanufactured technology benefits organisations was something that Techbuyer and Interact found particularly interesting.

Techerati, a community bringing together technology businesses and experts.

The Yorkshire Times, A Voice For The North sharing local news.

Article summary:

The data centre industry is responsible for a significant proportion of the world’s carbon footprint and energy usage worldwide. Interact is the only tool that generates carbon, energy and cost saving solutions for data centres with concrete suggestions on hardware solutions to deliver on this, helping businesses to reduce their environmental impact and increase infrastructure efficiency.

Interact is a culmination of Techbuyer and the University of East London’s Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP), which combined in-house data centre expertise with cutting edge machine learning. The research and development project carried out thousands of hours of IT hardware benchmarking.

An IEEE paper about the slowing down of Moore’s Law in the data centre industry is due to be released later this month. Findings revealed for the first time that refurbished servers are the optimum choice in terms of energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. Interact developed these findings into recommendations for businesses. The paper was co-authored by Interact team members, Rich Kenny, Nour Rteil, Astrid Wynne, as well as data centre energy efficiency expert, Rabih Bashroush.

Interact delivers low carbon, energy efficient data centres. To find out how we can help your organisation, get in touch today.