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Joining Innovation Martlesham

Rich Kenny | Nov. 2, 2022, 11:07 a.m.


We've just joined Innovation Martlesham, an established cluster of innovative high-tech ICT companies forming a ‘collaborative ecosystem’.


Background to Innovation Martlesham

Innovation Martlesham is home to a range of globally-located, multinational, SME, scale-up and start-up businesses located at Adastral Park, Suffolk, home of BT’s national operation centre, test facilities and global Research and Development Unit.

Its aim is to forge connections within this dynamic and professional community of like-minded businesses through networking opportunities and events.  

A gateway to collaboration

Joining this prestigious group of forward-thinking high-tech ICT/Digital companies was a natural step for us, as we look to scale our business and form partnerships.

The benefits of being part of this technology innovation hub include:

  • The ability to connect and foster relationships with other high-tech businesses and experts blazing a trail in their industries.

  • To share knowledge and exchange ideas across extensive industry channels, allowing us to reach a wider audience of interested ICT/digital professionals.

  • To take advantage of brand awareness opportunities by presenting our cutting-edge research projects at BT's showcase located at Adastral Park to key decision makers at Blue Chip companies and government organisations.

Promoting our sustainability goals

As a company committed to advocacy around energy efficiency, this will be another strand of our strategy – to promote our values and goals around sustainability and performance to a much larger audience of professionals who are actively seeking to drive innovation within the high-tech ICT/digital sector.

Interact Managing Director Rich Kenny said, ‘We are delighted to join Innovation Martlesham’s community of over 140 highly innovative companies with whom we can share ideas, showcase our capabilities and further our objectives to promote energy efficiency performance in the data centre and enterprise environments.’

Visit our page on the Innovation Martlesham website here.