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Interact's Must-See Data Centre London Talks

Sally Annett | Feb. 17, 2023

Interact's Must-See Data Centre London Talks

Over the past two years, senior members of the Interact team have become veterans of the data centre conference scene. They have spoken at over 100 talks at industry events, educating the sector about sustainable technology and how to tackle energy efficiency in the server estate.

Interact’s Managing Director Rich Kenny understands how important it is to lead the conversation around data centre energy efficiency and carbon emissions in a sector resistant to change.

Ahead of the busy DCW London season, our team has done the heavy lifting for you by picking out their most anticipated DCW London talks, to help you plan your schedule and make the most of the event. Click here for the full programme.

Rich is most looking forward to the ‘Fireside Chat: The power of digital transformation – embedding digital into organisational DNA, fostering a culture of innovation in government’ on the Main Stage at the Tech Show London (Wednesday 8 March, 10.40–11.10).

As Rich observes, ‘In my experience, innovation and the public sector often seen at the two ends of the spectrum, so I’m keen to learn what their approach is to fostering true innovation throughout government institutions.’

Sustainability, Diversity and the Energy Crisis

Our Head of Sustainability Astrid Wynne has found it hard to pick just one talk but is intrigued to hear what Andy Lawrence Research Director of the Uptime Institute has to say in his talk on ‘Sustainability – what we’ve learned and how to better manage 7x24 renewables commitments along with related pros and cons’. He is likely to discuss how to make a renewable grid work when generation can be weather dependent and she is hoping to hear something about the plans for back up generation, which at the moment are largely diesel but likely to change. (Thursday 9 March, 10:05-10:30, Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre)

Continuing along the sustainability theme, I am hoping to attend, ‘Sustainability - a matter of socioeconomic responsibility, human ethics, and business sense’ with Bruce Armstrong Taylor. I am interested in hearing his views on how sustainability can be, not only an ethical issue, but a key driver for business success. (Wednesday 8 March 2023 11.15–11.40, Facilities & Critical Equipment Theatre)

Our Commercial Manager James Howard is planning to watch ‘The BIG debate: How can data centres become more diverse?’ He would like to see the data centre sector, like the technology sector, implementing real change here, rather than paying lip service to diversity and inclusion strategy. (Wednesday 8 March, 16.10–16.40, DCW Keynote Theatre)

Finally, the top pick from our Lead Developer Nour Rteil is ‘Expert Insights: Strategies for data centre efficiency during an energy crisis by John Booth and Jon Summers’.  Nour is looking forward to learning what some of the longer-term techniques and KPIs are for reducing energy consumption, and how feasible they would be to implement. (Thursday 9 March, 14.20–14.50, Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre)

If you would like to see the Interact team in action, join Rich talking with Alex Watson-Jackson from AWS about the latest data centre innovations and answering the question, 'Can hyperscale provide a blueprint for sustainability and performance?' (Wednesday 8 March, 13.45–14.15, Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre)

Learn more about how to get ready for the new sustainability legislation with Astrid when she talks about verifiable green data centre certification such as LEED, ISO or BSI, and UN SDGs/the B Corp Impact Assessment and how to apply. (Wednesday 8 March, 10.05–10.35, Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre)

If you would like to meet our team and find out more about Interact, please join us on Stand D56.

We hope that has helped smooth the way for you to have an enjoyable DCW experience. We look forward to meeting many of you at DCW London 2023.